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Fauziya Johnson

Fauziya is a Somali-Dominican, queer artist, curator and producer based in Manchester, who currently works with the contrast and comparing of bodies and architecture, in an aim to decolonise and re-claim spaces and ideologies.


She creates her work with the need to communicate social and political history through art, referencing mainly architectural and black history, with personal contributions from a current black, queer and disabled perspective.


Fauziya's vision for her work is to create cultured thought and engagement with the audience. She extends her practice by doing workshops to develop community collaboration and expand on collective care. 


Fauziya has worked to also dismantle the stereotypes around BPD/EUPD, which is something she is diagnosed with, in which has been done through infographics, documented interviews, illustration and video. I explore the origins of harmful rhetoric and re-work artistically it in a critical but caring, gentle way.

She has also co-founded and edits ROOT-ed Zine, a zine and social platform dedicated to supporting, promoting and inspiring creatives of colour in the North West. She is currently on the board of Trustees for METAL CULTURE UK. She has awards for Community Arts Platform (ROOT-ed) and gained a scholarship for her Fine and Art BA at Liverpool Hope University.

If you'd like to work with Fauziya for any future projects, please contact via email:

If you'd like to view Fauziya's Artist C.V, please click here.

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @fauziyajohnson


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