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how am I meant to feel about this?​ - 2020

Inspired by the architectural features from the 1988 film Akira, I've created this digital illustration that incorporates two emotions I feel regularly due to my BPD - chronic emptiness (represented by the empty road and spotlight) and unstable  sense of sadness. 

How Am I Meant To Feel About This.PNG

bpd is calling - 2021

I self-shot and narrated this about the turbulences I, and many others with BPD experience during COVID-19 especially. It plays with juxtaposing coping methods, both health and unhealthy, alongside my internal dialogue expressed through imagery relevant.

why​ - 2021

Using negative space  to spell out out a message of 'why?' is a commentary on the government's handling of NHS resources and funding. I'm asking why, through a city with no personable features - similar to how I think the government sees the wider public;:as statistics; utilises monotonous decision making; and lack of personalisation and individual case-setting. This has stemmed from my experience as working as a COVID-19 vaccine operator, and witnessing first hand what lack of funding really does to people whom are vulnerable.

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